VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe
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Matthew Campbell
Nov 7, 2014
This shoe so far has been a great value. The stability it provides when you need to remain vertical with little room for being off by more than a couple degrees back- or forward (as when rack squatting or executing a staged clean-and-press) due to the weight involved and/or to mitigate injury risk/complications, is great. The heel is just the right height, creating just the right fwd tilt to allow the lifter to remain perpendicular to the floor during, at the top, and when lowering. Lateral stability is likewise very good. Being able to double secure w/ lace and Velcro is a big plus, as of course is the price of the shoe in comparison to others of its kind. Some have said the shoe is a bit less sightly than others, but this isn't a concern for me, since I typically look pretty nasty anyway when covered in sweat and proudly sporting my 30-year-old high school gym shorts. Only one gripe: It isn't readily able to accommodate orthotics. How you could design this type of shoe to do so, I'm not sure. But my seriously flat old man feet require I use orthos when doing anything. The orthos can take the weight, but my feet compete for room in the shoe with them. To deal, I tie the laces higher from the base of the shoe than I would otherwise. The Velcro straps help here, too, keeping the shoes adequately secure on my feet. All in all, highly recommended, esp. for thrifty fellows (i.e., cheap SOBs) like myself.
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Tim O\'Brien
Sep 10, 2014
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They fit well and reduce the rounding of my back during squats. I intend to add heel inserts to compensate for my poor mobility, even 1 1/4 inch heels are not enough for me but the shoes are a big improvement over regular sneakers.

The shoes are heavy so no unexpired run or jump in them. for me they are only for squatting.
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Jan 28, 2013
Excellent fit and performance. I like everything except the material of the upper. Terrible material. The upper of the shoe is NOT leather, but rather more like the cheapest shoes at walmart. That part will not last. I'm very disappointed in that aspect. You may as well hold out longer and buy the adidas lifting shoes that cost $200.
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Bob Wagner
These are a great product.
I took a while to purchase though as I was concerned about the size to order.

This is how I made my decision on size:
I primarily wear Asics shoes, my joggers are US13. They have pleny of room and I could and often wear them all day.
I have been lifting in a pair of size 12US Asics hammer shoes, I always though that these were a bit to big when I threw in them. They have a bit of space in the toe area, I could wear these for hours in comfort to and from the gym.
I normally throw in size 11US Asics hammer shoes. These have no spare room in these. I like them to be pretty firm but not squash my toes. I only wear these when At throwing. If I leave them on for to long my feet hurt.

So my decision was a size 12 in the weight lifting shoes. I feel that I could wear these for hours. They have a bit of room in the toes. They remind me a bit of the fit of my black leather school shoes from when I was a high school student.

One of my athletes (female) wears the same size ( 9) weight lifting shoes , VS Hammer shoes and Asics throwing shoes. Her throwing shoes are a looser fit than mine are on me, more like when I wear my US12 shoes.

I have also purchased a pair of VS Hammer shoes, size 11 - these were almost 1/3 inch ( 7mm) , smaller than the internal length of my size 11US Asics shoes. So in this case I will also be ordering a 12 in future.

I hope this helps other make up their minds about size.

Bob Wagner
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Gregory Stanley
Unbelievably fine shoe for the price. Excellent foot positioning and support for heavy squats and dead lifts. Shoe runs a bit big. I wear 9 1/2 running shoes and the size 9 VS weight shoe fit best.
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Randy Favreau
Probably the best if not only shoe on the market under $100.00
Grabs the floor well and has good stability. My only concern is this shoes
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The reduced 3.3cm heel is a welcome change. As for sizing...i wear a 9.5 chuck taylor (a tiny bit big on me) and 9.5 adidas sprint spikes(lightsprint). I ordered a 9.5 in the VS weightlifting shoe and they fit just fine. I would advise ordering .5 size smaller or possibly your normal size.
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Kenta Bell
I absolutely Love this shoe. I was never much of a fan of lifting shoes and never really saw the need for them. I was really convinced to try them when I watched the video showing how they outperformed traditional sneakers or running shoes. Once I began lifting in these shoes I immediately noticed the difference. Not only in the ease and efficiency of how I was able to move weight, but also in the additional amount of poundage I was able to increase in all my lifts. I also noticed that I had much less joint stiffness and soreness after lifting in these shoes versus traditional sneakers. Add the above mentioned to the price point a no lose situation. The VS brand makes products in most cases just as good or better than the more expensive brands and labels.
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The size of my foot is 26 cm, I ordered size 8 and fit perfectly.
The shoes is great, I cannot say about durability yet but this shoes is made of good material.
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