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The Alge TED wireless system is a proven, highly-reliable pulse & data system that comes in both short & long-range versions. We have tested this system to distances in excess of 5 miles! Ideal for temporary installations or where hardwire is impossible to install. Perfect for skiing, showjumping, etc etc.

  • Pulse-type data transmission ensures that all your information arrives "in one piece"! Each Start or Stop pulse from the timing source (gate, photocell, etc) is sent as a complete data packet, not just as an updated packet like other less-sophisticated systems. This feature virtually guarantees perfect performance
  • Sends simple timing impulses as well as data (scoreboards etc)
  • Output power: TX10- 10mW ; TX400- 400mW
  • Compatible with any half-duplex device using RS232 protocol
  • Built-in protection against false data
  • Built-in signal optimizer allows the user to tune the system to the optimum frequency using its unique LED and tone-based signal tuner.
  • Long-range TED-TX 400 works up to approx. 5 km (3 miles). We have successfully tested these systems to far greater distances.
  • Up to 16 signal addresses can be used, so up to 16 different TED systems can be used in the same area with no cross-interference (i.e. 1 set for Start-Finish, another set for Interval times, another set for display boards, etc)
  • Runs on standard AA batteries
  • Ultra-rugged tubular aluminum construction
  • Comes with wide velcro strap to attach to almost anything, also features standard-thread tripod mount

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