Dominator Athletics Competiton-Series Tungsten Indoor Weight

Dominator Athletics Competiton-Series Tungsten Indoor Weight
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

Throwers and coaches everywhere are making the switch to Dominator Weights because of their incredible quality, durability, and feel. Use the weight the Pros prefer. Dominator products have already been used to win national championships.

Compeition-Series Tungsten™ Throwing Weights
    * Collegiate-Series Tungsten™ Throwing Weights come complete with the same great features as our Standard Lead weights.
    * CST throwing weights have a smaller ball diameter than a standard lead weight. This moves the center of mass farther away from the thrower and effectively increases radius. This results in measurably longer throws.
    * The CST’s ball is also more durable than ANY of our competitors, thanks to a significantly greater shell thickness and innovative plug design.
    * We spare no expense when producing our Collegiate-Series Tungsten™ Throwing Weights. The CST’s incredible quality and durability allows us to offer an unprecedented 365-day warranty. Anything less would be unfair to you, our valued customer.




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