Elite Hammer Training System

Elite Hammer Training System
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

Complete Strength, Power and Speed Training Program for Hammer Throwing

  • Developed by Glenn McAtee of Clemson Univ. and USATF Level III certified coach.
  • Package includes; 3 Hammers of differing weights, Different length wires, Complete instruction Manual
  • Packages available for

1.College & Open Men  4655 ... College/Open: 6.75k, 7.26k, 7.75k Hammers + 7 diff. Lgth wires

2.High School Boys 4656 ... H.S. Boys: 5k, 5.45k, 6k Hammers + 7 diff. Lgth. wires

3.Collegiate Women 4657C ...  3.5k, 4k, 4.5k Hammers & 8 diff. Lgth. wires

4.High School Women  4657H ... 3.5k, 4k, 4.5k Hammers & 8 diff. Lgth. wires

Training Guide and Training Chart

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