The Stick

The Stick
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All sizes are ADULT US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

Description: The Stick is an easy-to-use dynamic reactive instrument. The patented mechanical features are designed to segmentally compress and stretch muscle. The instruments successfully deliver myofascial release and trigger point therapy (massage). Can be used with or without assistance, on skin or through clothing.

  • Marathon stick - 20" with 10 rotating segments. Preferred by those with lean muscle mass.
  • Original Body Stick - most popular model for average person. 24" with 15 rotating segments - medium flexibility.
  • Big Stick - stiff model for weightlifters and individuals with heavy body mass. 30" with 18 rotating segments.
  • Sprinter Stick - 19" short and stiff
  • Little Stick - 14" shortest model.
  • Travel stick - 8 spindles, standard flexibility.

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