VS Kettle Bells

VS Kettle Bells
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SKU 4921-28^
Note: If a shoe size won't add to your cart, it is SOLD OUT.

All sizes are ADULT US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.
  • Helps develop the Raw Throwing Power necessary to be an elite thrower.
  • Bridge the gap between the Throw & Weight room
  • Cast Iron - High Quality Paint

DUE TO THE HEAVY WEIGHTS, ANY ORDER INCLUDING THESE WILL BE BILLED AT ACTUAL FREIGHT COST (Checkout page will overestimate to cover costs - you will get a refund after the order ships.)

4921-4 Yellow 4k/8.8lb
4921-6 Red 6k/13.2lb
4921-8   8k/17.6lb
4921-12 Blue 12k/26.4lb
4921-16   16k/35.2lb
4921-20 Red 20k/44lb
4921-24 Blue 24k/52.8lb
4921-28 Blue 28k/61.6lb
4921-32   32k/70.4lb
4921-36 Red 36k/79.2lb
4921-40   40k/88lb


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