VS Softshell Indoor Shots

VS Softshell Indoor Shots
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.
  • Soft and "sticky" outer shell
  • Excellent gripping surface
  • One year guarantee
  • not intended for NCAA/USATF competition
Item # Weight Diameter
3897S 3k 100mm
3905 6lb. 100mm
3980 8lb. 113mm
3906 4k 113mm
3922 10lb. 125mm
3913 5k 125mm
3907 12lb. 125mm
3914 6k 137mm
3908 16lb. 137mm
3909 18lb. 144mm

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Bryan Aguilar Bryan Verified Purchase

great for training indoor when raining. great for wood floors. Keep supporting VS Athletics they love the Track and Field community.
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