VS Laser Distance Measuring System

VS Laser Distance Measuring System
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

The VS Laser Distance Measuring System can be used on any horizontal event. Easy to use. Measures from the center of your ring or edge of takeoff board.

Target has both short and long range areas - easy to see either using the included scope or on the Laser viewfinder.

Assemble the kit.

  1. Mount scope on plate with included hardware
  2. Poke hole if tape is covering plate hole,
  3. Insert batteries into Leica Laser unit.
  4. remove hot shoe from tripod head, position the Laser as shown in photo so mounting hole is over the hole in the scope-plate.  Works with most any standard tripod. The photo shows a Leica Tri-100 tripod. The kit includes a TR-70 tripod and TR100 tripod..
  5. Insert hot shoe screw through scope-plate into the Laser unit and tighten.

When calibrating the unit (offset), be sure to select the END of the Leica Disto E7500i. The end of the unit will be directly over the tripod center if mounted correctly. Also select Metric or English in the settings (see video)

When measuring, make sure the bubble level on the back of the target is centered for accuracy.

See informative video.

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