We cannot export NIKE or ADIDAS, ASICS, or NEW BALANCE product. See below for Intl ordering instructions.

VS Athletics serves ALL sports, not just Track, Soccer and Volleyball. We can get equipment for Baseball, Football and almost any sport your school has. Our staff are experts in Track & Field and athletics with real experience in competition, coaching and management.

Whats this about a cancer warning?

California enacted Prop 65 which requires warnings on products that may contain cancer causing materials. This is completely safe and not intended to scare people. All of our products are safe for normal use. See the website for more info. These are the same items you buy from other states that do not have this warning.

CA Prop65 Warming - see https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

 CA Prop 65 Warning Some items may contain materials known to cause cancer, see CA website for information.



VS Athletics, 1450 W 228th st, #8, Torrance, CA 90501

30 DAY RETURN POLICY:  There may be a 20% restocking fee on RETURNS. Items must be in store-bought condition with all accessories included (spikes, wrench, shoe bag, original box, etc.) No markings, alterations or modifications! Items deemed to be returned in used or un-sellable condition will not be accepted and returned back to you, at managements discretion. SOFTWARE IS NOT RETURNABLE. CUSTOM APPAREL (CUSTOM COLORS, SUBLIMATED, SCREENED, ETC.) IS NON-RETURNABLE.

Please check with us FIRST if you need to exchange a size. The size you want may be unavailable. If it is available, we can mail it to you when we get your return. If unavailable, a refund will be issued.

We cannot be responsible for items lost due to mis-shipped returns. You will not receive credit unless the item is returned to us.
All AUTHORIZED returns can be shipped to:

VS Athletics, 1450 W 228th st, #8, Torrance, CA 90501


Some brands require us to make you add the item to the cart in order to see the price. This does not mean it costs more or less and quantity discounts may still apply but cannot be displayed.

  • The shipping method I want isn't showing. Why?

Not every item has every shipping method available. Example, if you order starting blanks (can only ship by ground) and a starting gun (can only ship air), no shipping choices will show at all! If an item can only ship a certain way, it will say so in the description. Blanks and spray cans can only ship ground. Call us or use the Chat icon at the bottom  if you want a specific shipping method that isn't shown when checking out.

  • I cannot login to the website!, Why?

Use the password reminder to email you your password (and check your junk mail), if that fails, email doug at vsathletics.com and we will reset it for you. Placing an order does not create an account, but you can make one on the checkout page (non mobile version).

  • When I add an item to my basket, the quantity changed to a high amount! Whats wrong?

This can happen with some security software (virus scanners) that monitor cookies that websites try to store on your computer to keep track of your cart. Try a different browser, or different computer, and do a virus scan for malware.

The charge on your credit card bill will appear as VS Athletics or VS Fitness on your credit card statement.
  • Where does my order ship from?  If we have it here in stock , it ships from Torrance,CA. If we have to drop ship the item, it can come from anywhere in the U.S.. The only way to be sure is to call us. Drop ship items SKU # begin with the letter "Z". These items are not eligible for pickup option.
  • What's my order status?
    New orders will stay "per-authorized" or "queued" on weekends/holidays since we won't process them until the next business day. Online order status is NOT tied into our main order system so the order number you get in our e-mail may be different than the online order number. You can expect the order to ship within 1-2 days unless we contact you. Backordered shoes have to ship to us first so add 4-5 days delivery time if we emailed you with a backorder. Yahoo and hotmail users should check their junk mail folders.

  • How do I know my order was received?
    Check your e-mail! You just placed an ONLINE order, that's the first thing you should check! The website sends an automated confirmation e-mail if your order successfully went through. If we have any problems with your order, we will ask you by E-Mail!! Check your junk mail folder!!

  • My tax is too high!  - Our website only AUTHORIZES the amount shown for a good reason: We only charge tax in CA, IN , ID and WA. The website is set to the highest tax rate in those states to cover that possibility. Our internal order system has the actual correct tax rate so when we process the order, the amount CHARGED would be less than what the website shows. Check your banks final transaction amount to verify and contact us if it is not less. 

  • When is my credit card charged?
    We only get an authorization for your order initially to reserve the funds. If the item(s) are available we will charge the card now since the items are shipping either to us to get to you or from us to get to you.
  • I'm not sure about sizing, what should I do?
    Click the Sizing Chart link at the bottom right. If that doesn't help, call us for help on specific brands/sizes. 1-800-676-7463.
  • How does my order ship?
    ALL orders ship by UPS, Fedex or priority mail. Some of our vendors may use Fedex or truck freight. Only small orders can use USPS mail. If the shipping choice does not show on the checkout page, its unavailable for one of the items in your cart. We may change the method if it is necessary. UPS CANNOT SHIP TO P.O. BOXES. Any item with an SKU starting with a "Z" cannot use USPS mail services, it will be changed to UPS and may require an additional amount to cover the cost. We will email you if this is the case.
  • I'm a coach at a school. Can I use a Purchase Order?
    YES! Simply order online, then choose "P.O." as the payment method. Then Enter the P.O. number on the final checkout page. Remember, we MUST have a hard-copy of the PO EMAILED to us at PO@VSATHLETICS.COM or SALES@VSATHLETICS.COM. Make sure you specify on the EMAIL that the order was placed online.
Color Codes:

BK = Black
COB or CB = Cobalt (royal blue)
WH = White
WHM = White mesh.
FG or FOR= Forest Green
KY = Kelly Green
RY = Royal Blue
NY = Navy Blue
PR = Purple 
RD = Red, also SC = Scarlet red
MR = Maroon also CR = Cardinal
DMR = Dark Maroon 
MZ = Maize (yellow/gold - Hind only)
GO or GD = Gold
CH = Charcoal
BR = Brown
TE = Teal
OR = Orange or BO Bright orange
COL = Columbia Blue
GY = Grey
VG = Vegas Gold 
GP or GR (Badger) = Graphite (similar to charcoal or dark grey), GR can also be GREEN, see the specific product page for details. 

About our website: Our website does not list live inventory on some items because we can most often get the item you need from the manufacturer for just a few days more or less time. We will make every effort to list sizes/colors that are sold out as soon as we know. We will email you within 1 business days of there is a shortage or problem with your order. SALE SHOES HAVE LIVE INVENTORY BUT THEY DO SELL FAST SO WE ALWAYS EMAIL YOU SAME DAY IF YOUR SHOE IS SOLD OUT.

Payment information is handled by Authorize.net and Paypal for PCI compliance. If you wish to use Bill me Later (Paypal credit), follow their instructions when checking out by paypal to use Bill Me Later.

  • VS Athletics is a GSA registered company. We welcome government orders but do not maintain a schedule.
    • Can't seem to get past the final checkout page?? Be sure you check the box that says you agree to the terms of the website. Otherwise, the page will just reload. Its also a good idea so be sure your browser is up to date. Click the help menu and check for updates.
    • Can you see your items listed in your basket or did they disappear? Make sure your browser has cookies enabled. (Go into your security settings and allow cookies)
    • The payment gateway isn't accepting your credit card? If the card is declining, contact your card company. If both Authorize.net and Paypal refuse your card, you need to call the card company. DO NOT TRY MORE THAN 4 TIMES WITH A FAILED CARD, THE WEBSITE WILL BLOCK YOU AFTER 5 TRIES. Email doug at vsatletics.com if this happens to be unblocked.  Any website errors, please email doug at vsathletics.com with the info.
    DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOUR SHIPPING METHOD WILL GUARANTEE DELIVERY IN TIME. USE A NEED-BY DATE ON THE FINAL CHECKOUT PAGE TO INSTRUCT US OF YOUR NEEDS.. Some items are not in stock and we cannot control how long our vendors take to ship their product.
  • Do you rent equipment?

              Call for details. 800-676-7463

Order status: Our website shows several order status if you create an account.

  • Queued: The order is on hold. We received the order but are waiting for info from you, maybe an item is out of stock or some other reason, Check your email and reply to us. PO orders are queued after submitting until we confirm them.
  • Processed: The order is being processed but hasn't completed payment. Possibly we are waiting to ship it. Please check your email for any issues we may have holding the order.
  • Declined: The order was canceled and/or refunded for whatever reason. Check your email for info.
  • Failed: Payment failed during the order process or we had to cancel the order for some reason. Try again with valid payment. It's not uncommon to have several failed order attempts if mistakes are made on the payment gateway. This is normal. We do not process failed orders.
  • Not Finished: For whatever reason, you did not complete the payment portion and the order will not be processed. If you completed the First Data section and the order still says "not finished", email doug@vsathletics.com
  • Order OK: We have processed your order and payment. Shipment info will follow a few days after this.
  • Gift Certificates.  - If you have a GC from our old website and it covers the whole order, choose "Purchase order" for your payment method and enter the code in the comments. If the amount on the GC does NOT cover the entire order amount, choose Credit card, the card will be authorized for the whole amount but we will deduct the GC amount when we finalize the payment. Be sure to include the GC code in the comment box on the checkout screen.
  • Package Tracking:
    Use our UPS Tracking page to track your order. Some packages may be drop shipped from alternate warehouses and not available to track on our website. International orders are shipped by US Express/Priority mail, you will be emailed a tracking number.
    Ordering online using the PICKUP shipping method does NOT guarantee free freight. If the item is NOT in stock we would need to order it and freight charges will apply. Call us for availability for walk-in orders. 800-676-7463

  • REMEMBER: We process and ship orders Monday through Friday only. Shipping days do NOT include weekends or Holidays!
  • If you must have your order shipped overnight to meet a certain date, you should call us. 800-676-7463
  • ASICS, NIKE, ADIDAS & NEW BALANCE do not allow us to ship their products outside the US and its territories. Orders for these products to be shipped to locations outside the U.S. and its territories will not be processed. This includes sale items.


NOTE: Guam and Puerto Rico need to select it as a COUNTRY in the address, not just a state.

Your country must be listed when checking out or we will not ship there. All other requests from questionable countries (like nigeria) will be ignored. Remember, We cannot export NIKE or ADIDAS, ASICS, or NEW BALANCE product. Allow 2 weeks minimum for any International Orders. You can also seek out a forwarding/export company to buy things on your behalf. You must communicate by e-mail, we will not send international faxes. For other items, use a service like https://www.shipito.com/?id_affiliate=18180

1. Place the order online with a credit card. To save going through verification please use Paypal.

If we need verification, or your order looks fraudulent in any way, we will require you to provide the 6 digit authorization code on the transaction. We will email you asking for this.

Shipping to Europe is typically $75 for one pair of shoes. Canada and Mexico is about $50. We take the weight of the package and calculate the rate by US Priority  Mail and add $5 for handling. EUROPE: MINIMUM $80 FOR FREIGHT, AUS/NEW ZEALAND: MINIMUM $65. We have no way to estimate customs fees, you the buyer are responsible for any taxes or tariffs.


  • All athletic garments should be laundered prior to use. Recommended care labels are permanently attached to the inside of every garment!

    DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS OR WOOLITE DETERGENT. Fabric softeners deteriorate garments containing spandex and Woolite will cause colors to bleed.

    HANG DRY GARMENTS OR MACHINE DRY ON LOWEST SETTING. Do not overload dryer as garments will transfer color. High heat will also release color from garments!

    DO NOT IRON OR DRY CLEAN GARMENTS. Ironing and dry cleaning can discolor athletic apparel fabrics and damage imprinting.

    Garments not washed or cared for properly may bleed, discolor, or age prematurely. VS Athletics will not be responsible for any garments washed or cared for incorrectly.

Contact Information:

Torrance Office - Staff E-mail:

San Luis Obispo (note we no longer have a physical office here) - Staff E-Mail:

  • Doug Lynch - IT Manager, Webmaster, Timing expert