Polanik Ziolkowski Hammers

Polanik Ziolkowski Hammers
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.
  • nominal weight 7,26 kg
  • nominal diameter 115 mm
  • new exclusive premium line of Polanik hammers prepared in cooperation with the Olympic Champion Szymon Ziolkowski
  • excellent combination  of our company’s long-lasting experience as the producer of the high quality athletics equipment and Szymon Ziolkowski’s knowledge as the one of the best throwers in the world
  • each hammer is a unique set of specially selected hammer head, wire and handle
  • hammer dimensions (including weight, length, and position of gravity centre) are at the very edge of the WA allowed measurements
  • steel head - turned on whole surface and powder painted, filled with special mixture of lead and fine shot
  • hammer swivel made of high quality hardened galvanized steel
  • certified hammer handle
Tight production tolerances during production guarantees the Ziolkowski Hammer will fly farther than other hammer’s using your same throwing technique.
Mfg. w/High accuracy, perfectly balanced & optimal dimensions

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