Robic SC-899 Triple Timer

Robic SC-899 Triple Timer
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It’s time to retire that old stopwatch and begin using the World’s finest.

  • • More results in more ways than ever before… Single, Double or Triple…your choice
  • • 3 fully loaded timing functions: 180 Memory Stopwatch—180 Memory Speed Timer—Multiple Use Countdown Timer
  • • Set it up anyway you want! You can choose from: - 1, 2 or 3 competitors at once - Start the timers simultaneously or separately; it’s your option
  •  On Demand 180 Memory Recall of up to 3 timers, up to 1000 readings - View the memory recall in ascending (1, 2, 3…) or descending (…3, 2, 1) order
  • • Water resistant; BackLight; One year Factory warranty; Lithium Battery
  • EL Backlight illuminates entire display.


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