The Ball & Chain Hammer Book

The Ball & Chain Hammer Book
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This guide to hammer throwing brings together the latest ideas and a wealth of information about learning, throwing, and training for the hammer. The project started with inspiration from a few blogs posts on the site and morphed into a 135 page book.

Table of Contents


Part I: Starting to Throw
Chapter 1: The Philosophy of Hammer Throwing
Chapter 2: Talent Identification
Chapter 3: Learning to Throw

Part II: Hammer Throw Technique
Chapter 4: Three Levels of Technique
Chapter 5: The Basic Science of Hammer Throwing
Chapter 6: The Positions
Chapter 7: The Movements
Chapter 8: The Coaching

Part III: Advanced Technique
Chapter 9: Common Problems and Solutions
Chapter 10: Biomechanics

Part IV: Training for the Hammer Throw
Chapter 11: Exercise Selection
Chapter 12: Specific Developmental Exercises
Chapter 13: Throwing as Training
Chapter 14: Advanced Training Concepts


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