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Transport Cart
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All sizes are ADULT US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.
  • Transports Hurdles, H. J. Pads, P.V. Pads & other heavy equipment
  • 4' x 8' Steel frame with 3/4" exterior plywood top
  • 2 - 10" pneumatic fixed wheels & 2 - 10" pneumatic swivel wheels for ease in steering & pulling. 4’ x 8’, 17” off the ground. Easily moves up to 40-hurdles, pits, or other heavy equipment. (4) 10” pneumatic wheels, (2) that swivel, (2)that are fixed, provide easy pulling in grass or hard surfaces. Painted steel construction throughout with a wooden deck. Extends life to pits by reducing wear that occurs while dragging them. 1000 lb. capacity

We will contact you with a shipping estimate after ordering. Item weighs 200 lbs.

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