Eartec UltraLITE 3 person systems

Eartec UltraLITE 3 person systems
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UltraLITE™ Self-contained headsets and UltraPAK™ beltpack transceivers provide hands-free simultaneous talk communication.

The UltraLITE™ eclipse all other duplex headsets for performance and convenience because the transceiver i built inside the earcup. This "All-in-one" design eliminates wires and belt worn radios.

- Communication for 3 Users

- 3 UltraLITE Single Headsets

- Headsets' Mic Boom Swivels 270º, Wear on Left or Right

- Includes 2-Port Charging Station, Case - add an additional charging station if you need to charge 3 units.

Use the selection list to choose a system or parts. NOTE: No air delivery due to lithium batteries.

Choose selection from the menu. SS = single sided. DS = double sided. Call or email us for differnet configurations of single/double sided headset combos, the variations are too may to list online. 800-676-7463


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