FieldLynx LITE Field Event Management

FieldLynx LITE Field Event Management
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FieldLynx Lite is used exclusively with LaserLynx.

FieldLynx LITE is a field event administration app for Windows that allows officials to manage horizontal jumps, vertical jumps, and throwing events at track meets. FieldLynx LITE includes plugins to interface with wind gauges, distance measurement lasers, and compatible scoreboards. Unlike the full version of FieldLynx, FieldLynx LITE doesn’t require meet management database integration. Instead, it allows officials to capture, and display field event data and results in real time directly from a netbook. FieldLynx LITE comes complete with the following paid plugins:

  • Wind Gauge Plugin: For managing wind readings for horizontal jumps (long jump, triple jump, etc.)
  • LaserLynx Plugin: For laser measurement of horizontal jumps and throwing events (shotput, javelin, discus, etc.)
  • Scoreboard Plugin: For displaying real-time athlete and event data on a connected scoreboard.

FieldLynx LITE is a perfect choice for track and field officials who want to administer field events without having to communicate with a meet management database across a network. FieldLynx LITE allows you to display athlete marks, integrate with EDM laser distance measurement equipment, and import wind gauge readings in real time right from a netbook computer.

Load athlete and event details right from a local lynx.ppl file created in excel, notepad, or your meet manager program. Simply pull-up each athlete’s data one-by-one as the events progress and display their marks in real-time. Data entry is simple and intuitive and the software easily converts marks between Metric and Imperial measurements. All marks are then discarded when the next athlete is called. By broadcasting athlete and event data live to the scoreboard, you can keep fans informed about athlete performances throughout the meet.

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