Gill Shot Put Return

Gill Shot Put Return
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For track and field facilities who are looking for a more efficient way to run the shot put event. The Gill Shot Put Return alots for an official to return the shot back to athletes from the edge of the throwing sector rather than delivering the shot by hand. Other systems take a generic, one-size approach, Gill's system is customizable by length to accomodate the size of each throwing sector and adjustable heights to determine the speed of the return. Gill's graphic customization capabilities allow the school to increase their pride and prescense where the competition takes place.

  • Powder coated steel legs adjust in height to control the speed of the shot's return
  • Spring loaded Shock-Stop absorbs the impact of the returning shot and protects the implement
  • Bases including stabilizing rubber feet (indoor surfaces) and spikes (outdoor surfaces)
  • Base kit includes 2 bases and a 10' length of rail 
  • Each Add-On Kit adds 10' of rail to custimize the length to the facility needs

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Shot Return Instructions Shot Return Instructions  
Shot Put Return Banner Worksheet Shot Put Return Banner Worksheet

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