Jawku Speed Fitness Tracker

Jawku Speed Fitness Tracker
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Jawku is a wearable technology that allows coaches and athletes to track anything you would track with a stopwatch, but it’s as accurate as the multi thousand dollar timing gates and costs a fraction of the price (each Jawku is only $199.99). Using Jawku doesn’t require a suitcase of equipment as well as 45min of set up time. Now testing day doesn’t have to be an event and coaches and athletes can set up the Jawku in 5 seconds to accurately get their times as well as their reaction time out of the starts.  You can track any sprint from 5yrds all the way to 800M, any agility run such as a 5-10-5 or 3 cone drill, or use the Build-A-Drill function to create and save any drill we might not already have built. 

JAWKU Speed + Your Device. The only duo designed to get you fast. This is not your parent's fitness tracker. This is about performance - measure speed, agility, and reaction time. JAWKU Speed gives you purpose, motivation and results. Nothing more compelling than that. 

If you're an athlete looking to improve your speed and agility, JAWKU Speed can certainly help—especially if you don't have a regular training partner who knows how to handle a stopwatch. The additional reactionary elements built into JAWKU Speed only further boost its performance-enhancing capabilities. Increasing your athleticism takes hard work and perseverance, and a wearable can't substitute for that. However, if you have a burning desire to become a better athlete, JAWKU Speed can aid you in your journey.

JAWKU Speed was designed to give you the competitive edge you've been looking for. Say goodbye to stop watches - it's time to elevate your performance. Your journey to FAST begins now. 

  • Measure sprint speed, agility and reaction time off the blocks (in audible mode). All you have to do is select your distance and start mode and you're ready to go.
  • Now it's time to train with purpose. From within the app, you'll have access to the latest in training content from our partner, STACK, where athletes get better.
  • Track and visualize your performance over time and track your personal records. See how your reaction time off the blocks is affecting your overall time.

JAWKU Speed includes:

  • (1) Speed Sensor
  • (1) BLACK or ORANGE Wristband - see selection menu
  • (1) Mobile Stand
  • (1) USB Charger
  • Free mobile app for iOS  and Android

Choose Orange or Black in the selection menu.


  1. Charge the sensor out of the box
  2. Download the JAWKU App on the App/Play Store
  3. Register or login with Facebook
  4. Complete your JAWKU profile
  5. Press the button to turn on your sensor (it will beep)
  6. Click ‘Pair’ once connected
  7. The sensor and app will begin calibrating for 120 seconds (be patient)
  8. Name your JAWKU sensor, click FINISH
  9. The sensor will beep when setup is complete


  1. Press the button once to turn the sensor ON
  2. To turn the sensor OFF, press and hold the button down until you hear a beep (~10 seconds)


  1. Gently remove the device from the back of the JAWKU band
  2. Plug your JAWKU Speed into the charging cradle and plug the cradle into a usb outlet (PC or standalone)
  3. The JAWKU Speed LED will illuminate indicating that the unit is being charged.
  4. Charging time will be from 30 - 70 minutes.
  5. At the end of the charge period the LED will go off.
  6. Remove the unit from the charging cradle and press the button to resume using your JAWKU Speed

Note: The LED will not come on unless the unit's battery has fallen to less than 80% of full charge.


  • At anytime, if the app is having difficulties connecting with your sensor, completely shut down the JAWKU app, power down the sensor and re-initiate the process.
  • The sensor is NOT waterproof. Do not submerse in water at anytime.
  • See the official Jawku FAQ for more info.

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CA Prop65 Warming - see https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
CA Prop 65 Warning
CA Prop65 Warming - see https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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