Radiolynx/Can Holster Bag

Radiolynx/Can Holster Bag
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Secure your penalty marker spray, at hip level with the Penalty Marker Holster Bag. As seen in professional soccer games, this bag ensures a referees marker is within quick reach and easy access. Made with a high-quality nylon and belt clip, the clip snaps for easy operation. It is also adjustable from 28" to 50" circumference. Velcro® flap pocket constructed for easy removal/insertion of Vanishing Spray Can.

Can also be used as a carrier for a Radiolynx transmitter. Cables can be reouted out the top or modify it with a hole in the bottom. Item is not returnable once modified.

  • As seen in professional soccer games
  • Holster bag ensures marker can is within reach with its Velcro® flap
  • Adjustable from 28" to 50" circumference
  • Fits 4 oz. can

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