Ultrak Electronic Whistle

Ultrak Electronic Whistle
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The Ultrak EW1 one-tone electronic whistle. It is ideal for use in sports settings for coaches and referees, as well as police control, emergency alerts and more. Its powerful tone of 107db is one of the loudest in the industry.
The Ultrak electronic whistle is more convenient than a traditional mouth-blown whistle. It allows an official to speak, run and wear a face mask while sounding the whistle at the same time. It is also much more sanitary.
In addition, the Ultrak EW1 features a powerful and compact LED light, perfect for low light conditions and situations that demand more lighting. It includes a detachable braided nylon wrist strap and four long-lasting LR44 batteries.
Features Include:

  • Powerful one-tone electronic whistle
  • Loud 107db whistle sound at one-foot
  • Ideal for referees, coaches, police and personal use
  • Easy-to-use one-button operation
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Detachable nylon wrist strap
  • Includes four LR44 batteries

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