VS Competitor Hip Numbers

VS Competitor Hip Numbers
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

The BEST STICKING Hip Numbers on the Market!!

  • Speeds reading of Photo Finish Pictures
  • 3.5 " numbers on Sticky Back paper.
  • Flexible and stick to ALL uniforms & bodies.
  • Numbers from 1 - 30 (XC rolls go higher)
  • Available in sets of 1-8, 1-9, 10-18 & 19-30 (0-9 are one digit even though size selection shows a leading zero)
  • Sets of 25(in a pack), 100 (4 packs) or 250 (on a roll) of each number. If you want rolls, order 250 sets only IF YOU WANT PACKS ONLY OVER 250, YOU MUST PUT COMMENTS ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE ASKING FOR PACKS ONLY. ANY ORDER OVER 250 WILL COME ON A ROLL, THEN PACKS. 
  • Improve officials accuracy at finish line
  • Identify athletes faster. See Photo for Style numbers. Do not choose a size if you are ordering a set. That is for individual #'s only.

Do NOT choose a size (leave it on "--") if you are ordering a set of XC rolls or a set (1-8. 1-9, 10-18. 19-30).

The size selection is only for individual # selections.

How many do you need? In a worst case scenario, a good timer using a photo based timing system can tell which runners are where in laned races (races that finish in lanes, i.e. 400m or less) by looking at his photo so you would only need numbers for distance races (800m and up). However, its nice to have them on ALL races. Most HS dual meets can get by with sets of 100. Any meet with over 6 schools should order rolls of 250.

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John Brust John Verified Purchase

I've been sourcing hip numbers through VS Athletics for several years now. They are tested and reliable. I won't go through any other hip number seller.
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Victor Wu Victor Verified Purchase

Great numbers that actually stick and show up well on the camera for FAT
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Jeff Paternoster Jeff Verified Purchase

Great product, quick shipping.
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james simms james Verified Purchase

official #'s make timing so much easier
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Brian Moody Brian Verified Purchase

The numbers worked great. They were easy to read and stayed in place.
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