Dominator Athletics Hammer Wires

Dominator Athletics Hammer Wires
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Note: If a shoe size won't add to your cart, it is SOLD OUT.

All sizes are ADULT US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name. Women should order 1.5 less (ex. a womens 7 is a mens 5.5)

Minimum order quantity of 5 wires due to shipping constraints.

Dominator Athletics Competition Hammer wires are hand-made by Steve Bartholomew himself with extreme precision and accuracy. We spare absolutely no expense when it comes to making the best hammer wires money can buy. 

  • Made of ultra high tensile strength 3mm electro-galvanized spring steel wire. This is the strongest, most resilient material suitable for producing hammer wires.
  • A short, tight wrap ensures light weight, low wind resistance, and safety.
  • Wire tails are meticulously cut, ground and de-burred to prevent snagging nets or cutting fingers.
  • Wires can be easily wrapped and un-wrapped without the aid of pliers or other tools.
  • Competition lengths are Guaranteed consistent to within +/- 1/16 of an inch.
  • Available increments as small as 1/16 inch from 16 up to 42 inches.  SIZE SELECTION IS IN INCHES, NOT HAMMER SIZE/WEIGHT.

Minimum order quantity of 5 wires due to shipping constraints.

Orders of less than 5 wires will be canceled. Any combination of lengths may be ordered.

Wires are measured from the inside surfaces of each loop.

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