Dominator Athletics Indoor Weight

Dominator Athletics Indoor Weight
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Throwers and coaches everywhere are making the switch to Dominator Weights because of their incredible quality, durability, and feel. Use the weight the Pros prefer. Dominator products have already been used to win national championships.

The Harness
    * The Dominator Athletics weight features the strongest harness on the market.
    * We use double-layered polyester webbing with a 16,500 lb. breaking strength PER STRAP! Other manufactures use cheap nylon webbing, suitable for purses or handbags. Polyester DOES NOT stretch while nylon stretches up to 20% before it fails.
    * Prior to sewing, our harnesses are glued together using a high strength thermoplastic adhesive.
    * The harness incorporates 2 stainless steel rings instead of secondary loops made of fabric. Fabric secondary loops are the biggest reason for premature lengthening of a weight harness.
    * After over 1,000 throws, our prototype harness lengthened less than 3/16 of an inch (less than the width of a pencil) while a competitor’s weight lengthened by over 1 inch after only 100 throws.
    * The competitor’s weight also lost 15 times as much weight as the Dominator Athletics weight in 1/10th as many throws.
    * Our weights come complete with a simple to use spacer kit. This allows throwers to fine-tune the length of the weight in 1/8-inch increments if the implement ever exceeds 16 inches.

The Ball
    * The Dominator Athletics weight is equipped with the strongest ball on the market. The shell thickness has been increased dramatically, making our weight the most durable synthetic covered weight ever made.
    * An innovative plug design drastically reduces the chance of leakage.
    * The material our weight balls are made of is specially formulated for strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance.

The Handle
    * The Dominator Athletics weight features a strong, attractive steel handle.
    * Our handle is strong enough to withstand a force 1500% greater than what is incurred during an 80 foot throw.
    * Our handles feature generously rounded corners, adding comfort.
    * We also offer a wider stainless steel handle as an upgrade.

The Swivel
    * The Dominator Athletics weight features a heavy-duty stainless steel swivel.
    * We cut slots in our pins to accommodate a flathead screwdriver.
    * Our pins are NOT countersunk like the ones offered from other major manufactures. This makes a loose pin more noticeable

Dominator Throwing weights carry a full 365 day warranty.

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Paul Markel Paul

These are without a doubt the most durable and best quality weights I've thrown. From my experience, Dominator athletics makes the best throwing weights available and their President (Steve Bartholomew) stands behind his products 100%. This company is forcing others to up their game and bring better products to the market. Thousands of throws over several seasons and it looks like all we need to do is replace the straps to get thousands more!
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