Lenses for Lynx Timing Cameras

Lenses for Lynx Timing Cameras
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All sizes are ADULT US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

Please identify which mount you have beofre ordering. (F-mount, c-mount, or cs-mount)

  • Nikon 24mm-85mm Zoom Lens suitable for all EtherLynx cameras with F-Mounts.
  • Manual C-Mount Lens, 25mm f1.
  • Remote controlled zoom lens. The DB9 plug on the lens connects directly to the back of the EtherLynx camera. It can be used in conjunction with the Remote Positioner Platform. The motorized lens enables the operator to zoom, focus and adjust the aperture directly from within the FinishLynx software. There are 2 mount version of this lens, Choose C Mount 8-48mm Motorized Zoom Lens for Vision cameras, or Remote C-Mount Lens 12.5-75mm f1.2 for non-vision camera.

To avoid delays, please provide a school/organization name in the shipping address when ordering (required by Lynx). We will email you for this info if you forget.


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